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Buffalo State

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About Justin Brown

Who am I: My name is Justin Brown and I am a senior at the Eagle Academy for Young Men. I was accepted to three colleges, but I plan to attend Buffalo State University in the fall.

What makes me unique: What makes me unique is my charisma and charm. I love interacting with, and meeting new people. I’m really good at relating to people and understanding wherever it is that they are coming from.

What I want to do: I want to major in communications at Buffalo State. I think that it is a great extension of what really makes me unique, and that there is a lot that can be learned through connecting with different people.

Why I’m on DonateMe: I’m on Donateme because my mom can’t afford to send me to college, and despite my academic performance, my financial aid won’t cover the cost. If you see it in your hearts to help me, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!!