Tyriek Coley

University at Buffalo

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About Tyriek Coley

Who am I: Hello everybody, my name is Tyriek Coley and I am a 12th grader here at the Eagle Academy for Young Men. I plan on enrolling to the University of Buffalo this upcoming year.

What makes me unique: What makes me unique is that, unlike some students, I’ve ALWAYS been interested in medicine. Watching my mother struggle to receive adequate and timely care from her health care practitioner demonstrated to me the influence a job in the medical field can have on someone, whether on the brink of death or simply suffering from a slight injury. This experience instilled within me a motivation to become a doctor that I carry to this day.

What I want to do: I plan on joining the biomedical science program at the University of Buffalo. My life-long goal is to become a physician. I am determined to become a noteworthy health care practitioner who establishes a blueprint for the delivery of high-quality patient care and medical expertise in a place where I feel most content: the hospital.

Why I’m on DonateMe: I’m on Donateme because without the money, going to college and becoming a doctor will become much more difficult – and I need your help in order achieve my goals. Thank you in advance for any donations or contributions that you make.